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  • Updated: 2013-03-13
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That's What Jesus Is to Me

My music tends to be about life and how my faith plays into it. After a while, however, I began to wonder whether I was sort of avoiding Jesus. Just what does Jesus mean to me anyway? So, I wrote this song.

It has a bit of a twist. It looks at Jesus as outside the establishment. That has a lot of appeal for me. But it goes far beyond that. In difficult times, the Lord of all creation is also the only one left standing with me when no one else would bother.

The second chorus refers to Mathew 23:37 and Luke 13:34. As He looks over Jerusulem, the place He knows He is going to die, He cries out, " often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing." This has been an enduring image for me. How can a man so love a people he knows will betray him and put him to an excruciating death?

May it be that I can garner just a little of that kind of love, share it with others while I'm here, and when the time comes, be gathered within the comfort and protection of those wings.

That's what Jesus is to me.