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No Worse for the Wear

The Jericho Road Crew started playing together in 1988. At the time the players were all members of the Covenant Community Church in Jericho, Vermont. The band's name comes from the fact that the Covenant Church was built on the Jericho Road.

The band was an offshoot of the Jericho String Band, which had a 25-year history of its own. The Road Crew while continuing to play for the String Band decided that they wanted to play a mix of both Christian and secular music. Band members come from a variety of musical backgrounds, making for an ecclectic repertoire that appeals to a wide audience. Band members have changed over the years. What hasn't changed are their strong harmonies and dedication to music that inspires.

Band members in 1999 from left to right are: Joe Casilli, Gary Davis, Ron Lawrence, Brian McLean, Marty Davis, and Harold Tricou.