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The Grape

Our church has a pratice of standing in a circle for Communion. We also have a practice of asking the parents whether their children should participate in communion. Some prefer their children to wait until confirmation. So these children don't feel left out, we offer them a grape as we are distributing the bread and wine.

Generally, it's a child that carries the basket of grapes around the circle. These children don't know the reasoning behind offering the grapes. So, just as the sacrements are offered to everyone around the circle, they offer their grapes to everyone--adults included.

Imagine participating in communion, and a child--eyes like a puppy--offers up a grape, in addition to the sacrements. For a while, I struggled with whether I should accept that grape. Does it somehow diminish the sacrements? So, sometimes I declined. But, some of those children left me with a clear impression that they just didn't understand how I could turn it down.

"Who wouldn't want its sweetness?" is the look that's in their eyes.
I wonder if that's just how Jesus feels, when He offers us His light?

Now, I take the grape...every time.