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  • Updated: 2013-04-07
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Can You Feel My Prayer?

This song was written during a time when three members of our church were diagnosed with cancer. One of those members was our former pastor and a former member of the Road Crew, Tim Anderson. This song is my attempt to make sense of my fears, and yet claim my faith during this difficult time.

We've played this song at various places--citing this story from our church. It seems to strike a chord for each audience that hears it. We offer it up to all who are experiencing the pain of dealing with illness or the loss of a loved one.

"As God works His plan, as only God can, I trust that He's worked something special for you... and me too."

What People are Saying

"...Lead guitarist Tracy Lord...actually delivers some monstrous riffs, especially on rhythm guitarist Ron Lawrence's "Can You Feel My Prayer?" The song is like a Christian-rock answer to The Who's Tommy."

--Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"...My favorite cut on the CD -- which was hard to decide upon -- is the moody, Ron Lawrence-fronted "Can You Feel My Prayer", featuring the lead electric guitar of Tracy Lord. "

Bob Pierce,
Morning Host & Program Manager
The Light Radio Network
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